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The technological revolution of today has made hearing easier than ever with the Starkey Halo, a modern hearing aid designed to make life easier with your iPhone and iOS devices. The Starkey Halo works by directly connecting with your device to take calls, listen to music, stream video and more, without relying on an external source. With Halo, the technology of the future will help you hear more crisply than ever -- today.

Designed to work with the iOS ecosystem's natural capabilities, the Halo can be programmed to work in different modes for home and outdoor use. The Halo can automatically route calls to your iPhone directly to your hearing aid to facilitate listening. Halo's unique feedback canceler makes sure that you'll be able to hear all of your calls flawlessly, as well as music or other media you're using with your device.

The Latest Technology

With Halo, anything that you need to hear through your device goes directly to the hearing aid, taking advantage of the crystal clear stereo of your mobile device and placing it directly through your halo. Designed to work with all of your iOS devices, including the Apple Watch, you'll have more access to everything you need to get through the day.

The Halo is incredibly programmable right from your device with the easy-to-use SoundSpace app. Its patented technology takes high-frequency sounds (higher-pitched voices, for example) and automatically lowers them, making it easier than ever to hear them. With its precise directional microphone, you'll be able to hear more easily with better focus than ever before.

Intelligent Settings

Your Starkey Halo hearing aid is an intelligent device, using GPS to "remember" where you are and adjust your listening preferences accordingly. In the real world, we listen to things differently when we are at home or we are outside. Like our natural capabilities, the Starkey Halo is designed to maximize which aspects of hearing you need most depending on where you are, remembering your settings based upon your location.

The Halo takes out one of the obstacles between you and direct listening with your device-- over-the-air noise -- allowing for flawless listening wherever you are. With a design based around real-world usability, the Starkey Halo will make everything you need to hear available to you. Designed with the user in mind, the Halo is also water-repellent and easy to adjust to maximize your hearing capability -- it's the perfect hearing aid for today!


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