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Hearing Care Treatment in West Boylston, MA

Bring Music Back Into Your Life With Our State-of-the-Art Hearing Care

Our audiology team at Hearing Brain Centers of New England understands the massive impact that hearing loss can have on you. That is why we strive to provide the most advanced and effective audiological treatments available today, including hearing aidshearing loss rehabilitation, tinnitus treatment, and hearing care near West Boylston, MA. Our goal is to help you restore your hearing clarity and eliminate the sense of isolation that hearing loss can cause.

Since 1992, our expert hearing doctors have helped over 10,000 patients like you with their hearing loss and hearing-related conditions. Our patients enjoy state-of-the-art treatment technology, extensive experience, and compassionate approach in providing exceptional hearing care. Come experience Hearing Brain Centers of New England! Find out for yourself why we consistently receive 5-star reviews from our patients. For award-winning hearing care near West Boylston, MA, call (508) 758-0134 today.

Reducing Risk of Dementia

If you are experiencing any form of hearing loss, you should not ignore it. If your hearing loss is left untreated, it will be highly likely that you develop dementia or another cognitive decline. We recommend looking out for symptoms such as, trouble hearing in the car; having trouble hearing in background noise; turning the tv or radio up too high for their own hearing, or often asking others to repeat themselves. Please contact our office if you are experiencing any of these symptoms. With modern technology, our doctors are well-equipped to help you combat the onset of dementia.

Improving Cognitive Function

Hearing clearly is not only about the sound traveling through your ears. It also involves the ability to comprehend speech. If you are experiencing problems with comprehending conversations, please contact our office. Our experienced audiologists can help improve your hearing and quality of life with cognitive rehabilitation. Let us help you be part of the conversation again.

Restoring Hearing Clarity

Hearing correctly requires positive brain function. If you are experiencing hearing problems, we recommend invisible hearing aids, also known as NeuroTechnology™. This device targets brain function and includes advanced features such as a soft-speech booster, enhanced clarity, noise-cancellation, surround sound, and Bluetooth connectivity to your smart device. Contact our office to learn more about how NeuroTechnology™ may help you hear better.

Tinnitus Treatment

If you often have a persistent ringing, rushing, or buzzing sound in your ears, then you most likely have tinnitus. This condition occurs in 75% of people who have some form of hearing loss. There is no cure for tinnitus, but there are ways to treat it. Our expert audiologists may help treat and reduce your tinnitus with FDA-approved tinnitus therapy options.

Invisible Hearing Aids

Your hearing aids don’t have to be so apparent to the rest of the world. With evolving technology, there are now invisible hearing aids for a more discreet option to improve hearing clarity and brain function. Invisible hearing aids sit inside of your ear canal and offer a variety of benefits including convenience for daily activities, zero interference with glasses or using your phone, extended-wear, connectivity to your smart devices, and natural sound quality. See how our expert audiologists can utilize invisible hearing aids to improve your hearing and quality of life.

Hearing Loss Rehabilitation

If you are experiencing hearing loss, we recommend that you come to our office as soon as you can for treatment. If you do not get your hearing loss treated, you may develop serious mental health issues. These problems include feelings of anxiety, stress, embarrassment, or depression; mental fatigue after speaking with someone; reduced interaction with friends or family; avoidance of social gatherings; impaired memory or forgetfulness; and decreased job performance. Our skilled audiologists can treat your hearing loss with hearing loss rehabilitation. Hearing loss rehabilitation may improve your hearing clarity and help you avoid serious mental health issues later in life.

Hearing Protection Devices

Does your favorite activity or profession expose you to noisy environments? If so, we recommend that you wear hearing protection devices, like SoundGear. These devices are designed to help you maintain the healthy hearing level that is crucial for your safety and performance abilities. SoundGear is typically utilized by industrial workers, police officers, shooters, hunters, and the military. See our audiologists to learn more about how SoundGear may help your hearing in noisy environments.

What to Expect on Your First Visit
  • Get to Know You & Understand Your Symptoms
  • Discuss Your Treatment Goals & Medical History
  • Determine Your Stage of Hearing Loss or Tinnitus
  • Answer All of Your Questions or Concerns
  • Begin a Custom Treatment Plan
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