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As with the eye, the ear's performance is affected by aging. Poor vision gradually makes reading harder as the letters get smaller. The process of losing your hearing is more complex.

Hearing loss can make certain syllables and sounds harder to hear. With hearing loss, high-pitched constants like f, s and t are easily drowned out by louder, low-pitched vowels like a, o and u. As a result, the person with hearing loss complains they can hear when others are talking, but not understand what they're saying.

The Latest Hearing Solutions

We hear with our brain, not our ears. Our Oticon hearing aids in Milford, MA, feature the latest innovations including Speech Understanding, Spatial Sound, and Soft Speech Booster. Their proprietary BrainHearing™ Technology helps you understand more and hear more clearly.

The new Opn hearing aid from Oticon raises the bar to a whole new level, scanning each sound individually and balancing them so the user can hear clearly at all times, even in noisy crowds. The Opn delivers a more natural 'open sound'.

Contact Hearing & Brain Centers of New England for a clinical hearing consultation and discover the difference regaining your hearing can make.

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