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Enjoy TV with HyperSound Clear Speakers

Tired of missing the action when your favorite show is on television? Does TV seem to lack clarity and be garbled even at volumes? Is your family frustrated because you keep asking them to repeat what a character said? HyperSound clear speakers may be the answer.

The HyperSound Clear 500P home audio system is revolutionizing how people with hearing loss listen to television programs. It is helping people who can’t hear well–and their families–have a more enjoyable television experience.

A New Type of Speaker

HyperSound Clear 500P is called a directed audio solution. That’s because it beams high-quality, distinct audio directly to where you sit. At the same time, everyone else in the room hears the television program at normal volume. Everyone gets the sound delivered at the most suitable level.

It sends the sound, at a volume that you can easily understand, to your favorite chair, or where you sit on the sofa. You no longer need to wear headphones to intelligibly hear the words on the television.

The Problem with Conventional Speakers

Conventional audio speakers send out sound much like a light bulb sends out light. It goes out everywhere into the room, bouncing off multiple surfaces. Eventually the sound makes it to the listener’s ears.

This method doesn’t work if you’re dealing with hearing loss. You often can’t make out the words or music coming from the television. In fact, it becomes so much of a challenge that it takes the pleasure out of television.

Directed Sound

If standard speakers are like light bulbs, the new HyperSound Clear 500P speakers are more like flashlights. The sound from this revolutionary new set of speakers is controlled, sent out in a narrow beam. The sound runs along this narrow beam, traveling directly to where you are sitting. It doesn’t bounce around the room, so others don’t have to contend with the higher volume.

The unit uses ultrasound technology and state-of-the-art proprietary electronics. It uses a special emitter design and digital signal processing to produce speakers that are helping people with hearing problems listen to their favorite programs with comfort and clarity.

The result is sound that is easily understood and crystal-clear. All of this happens without turning up the volume and causing problems for others watching the program.

Customizable and Programmable

The ultrasonic speakers send the sound directly to the targeted listener helping them get more out of life. To make sure the sound you hear fits your hearing needs, the system can be programmed by a hearing professional to match your hearing profile. You can customize it to meet your own preferences.

The HyperSound Clear 500P speakers are controlled by a remote control or using the control panel. If you already have speakers, sound bars or surround sound, these units work with it. Your family can hear the same program at normal volume. This simple, unique TV hearing solution benefits the whole family.


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