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New Phonak Hearing Aid with Long-Lasting Rechargeable Battery

Phonak has come up with a long-lasting rechargeable hearing aid, earning the appreciation of users tired of changing batteries all the time. Called the Audéo B-R, it uses lithium-ion batteries that typically give 24 hours of hearing on a single charge. It is the quickest charging unit on the market.

One Battery for the Lifetime of the Hearing Aid

Phonak says the unit is the longest lasting rechargeable hearing aid that any manufacturer has yet produced. One set of lithium-ion batteries lasts for the life of the device. Users can charge the batteries over and over again, year after year, and they still hold the charge and work flawlessly.

Changing batteries has long been the bane of hearing aid wearers. Getting the old battery out and the new one in can be awkward and require assistance. With this new unit, that job is history. In fact, the battery compartment in this device is completely sealed and can’t be opened.

Charges Quickly

The unit has a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that is built-in, a first for hearing aids. Charging the Audéo B-R for three hours provides 24 hours of use, and up to 80 minutes of wireless streaming. In a hurry? It has a 30-minute fast-charge option that provides six hours of use.


Environmentally Friendly

As a rule, hearing aid users use about 100 batteries a year, which go into the garbage. The Audéo B-R uses just one for its entire lifespan, keeping hundreds of old batteries out of the landfills. This fact appeals to environmentally conscious hearing aid wearers.

Listening to the Needs of Users

Hearing aid users are staying active despite hearing loss. They want a device that keeps up with their lifestyle. The Audéo B-R was developed out of consumer studies and requests from users.

In research conducted by Marketrak in 2015, rechargeable batteries and aids were the number one feature that users wanted. Phonak sought to deliver a practical, effective hearing aid to meet these requests. The company points out that lithium-ion gives 40% more power than standard rechargeable batteries.

Cutting Edge Platform

The Audéo B-R doesn’t just deliver an innovative, rechargeable battery. It uses the ‘Belong’ hearing aid platform. This also works for the Audéo B unit, which is a Receiver-in-Canal hearing aid.

The goal of the new platform is to make life as simple as possible for people dealing with hearing loss. It makes use of recent advances in technology and includes a range of innovative features.

Phonak, based in Switzerland, has been making hearing aids since 1947. Part of the Sonova Group, they produce hearing solutions for a range of needs, including pediatric and profound hearing loss. The ingenious new features in the Audéo B-R helps deliver on Phonak’s mission that ‘…hearing well is essential to living life to the fullest’.

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