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One of the major advanced in hearing aids has been new features that greatly reduce the dreaded sound feedback that has historically been problematic. Oticon Inium Sense feedback shield has a feedback management structure developed to distinguish risks of feedback. The ability to better regulate and wipe out feedback is refined through two vital updates of the structure. In this article, learn how Inium Sense's feedback shield helps effectively eliminate feedback noise.

Gain Control With the Oticon Hearing Aids

Gain Control development uses new technology to shed and effectively eliminate feedback. Gain Control examines narrow frequency channels to distinguish and wipe out any signs of feedback with both quickness and precision. Gain Control smothers potential feedback repeat by diminishing its build up effectively, however, it does this while keeping up quality and audibility.

Frequency Shift

Utilized only in critical situations where feedback is prone to occur, frequency shift intelligently monitors the acoustic environment to determine when to kick in, while ensuring the overall sound quality to be optimal. When activated, the frequency shift is now implementing a two times greater shift of all frequencies above 900 Hz, leaving the revolving feedback no chance.

Repeat Shift advancement is instrumental in hearing aids to monitor frequencies. With Inium Sense, the preventive quality and effect of Frequency Shifting is increased.

Offered with the Oticon Dynamo

Inium Sense feedback shield has been balanced especially for the high return found in this most advanced hearing aid, the Oitcon Dynamo. The standard repeat development of 20 Hz has been decreased to 10 Hz to diminish the potential effect of feedback noise and signal aggravation of talk prompts in lower repeat ranges.

The Inium Sense feedback shield attempts to anticipate criticism while defending discernability, saving high recurrence pick up, keeping up a more common and undisturbed sound quality.

The feedback shield adds to the Inium Sense's performance by adding cutting edge technologies to prevent feedback. This is refined despite redesigns of sound quality and sensitive sound perceptibility.

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