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Improve Hearing Clarity With Hearing Aids Near Auburn, MA

Stop Struggling to Understand What You Hear With Help from NeuroTechnology™ Invisible Hearing Aids

Increasing the volume to hear sounds is only one component of hearing restoration. If older hearing aids have made it hard for you to distinguish between sounds or fully comprehend what you hear, we think you’ll be delighted with the leaps and bounds that modern technology has made. In fact, state-of-the-art NeuroTehcnology™ helps improve hearing clarity with hearing aids near Auburn, MA.

What Is NeuroTechnology™?

NeuroTechnology™ is designed to treat hearing loss by using complex stimulation patters to help replace diminished auditory input to the brain. Traditional hearing aids just make sounds louder, but with today’s new NeuroTechnology™ treatment options, you can hear more clearly and more naturally, in all listening environments… even in noisy restaurants!

Today’s NeuroTechnology™ includes the following features:

  • Enhanced Clarity – to help fill in the missing speech details
  • Noise-Cancellation – to help filter speech in noisy environments
  • Soft-Speech Booster – to help you hear the ‘soft-speakers’ in your life (e.g., children and grandchildren, your spouse, etc.)
  • Surround Sound
  • Bluetooth connectivity to your smart devices

How Does NeuroTechnology™ Work?

There are different types of NeuroTechnology™ – each custom designed and programmed to meet your hearing needs – but they ultimately perform the same function: to help you hear more clearly and more naturally.

We hear with our BRAINS, not with our ears. Today’s NeuroTechnology™ is the only proven hearing loss treatment option that focuses on enhancing brain function. NeuroTechnology™ provides enhanced clarity surround sound with additional background-noise canceling features.

NeuroTechnology™ can be used to address the full spectrum of hearing difficulties, from people with audiometric “normal hearing” to individuals with severe or more profound hearing loss.

NeuroTechnology PDF

What Are the Different Types of NeuroTechnology™?

NeuroTechnology™ comes in several shapes and sizes, including some invisible options for maximum discretion. Your hearing health care provider will review your treatment options based on your specific hearing loss and hearing needs. Regardless of which treatment option is right for you – when you are out to dinner with friends, hitting the beach, or meeting with clients – you’ll be able to hear with cutting-edge hearing-loss technology.

Several Features of NeuroTechnology™ Include:

Invisible NeuroTechnology™

Once placed in your ear, the device is so hassle-free that you may even forget you’re wearing it! And that’s the point. Hearing loss shouldn’t hold you back, and neither should your hearing solution. Current invisible technology options include:

  • An invisible and custom fit
  • A fit deep inside your ear canal customized for your all-day comfort
  • Ability to adapt to new listening environment with automatic volume control
  • Wireless streaming to your smartphone and/or to keep you connected to your TV, music and other media
  • Ultimate sound comfort technology to provide distortion-free listening comfort for loud sounds

Mini Receiver in the Ear NeuroTechnology™

Groundbreaking NeuroTechnology™ is fast and precise enough to analyze the dynamics of the entire auditory environment while differentiating between speech and background noise. Advances in miniaturization have led to the breakthrough of new NeuroTechnology™ proven to support brain function, such as working memory, selective attention and processing speed. These new devices have 3 features designed specifically to maintain the brain’s ability to hear in many different listening situations:

  • Clear Hearing in Background Noise. By separating important speech from background noise, this innovative technology provides 30% better speech understanding and clarity.
  • Enhanced Clarity = Enhanced Memory Recall. Individuals with hearing loss are known to have reduced memory recall because the brain is deprived of a clear signal. With 20% more capacity to remember, this technology has been proven to increase memory recall.
  • Reduced Effort. Many patients explain that the act of hearing requires greater effort as they age. A regular work day or time with grandchildren can be exhausting. Current available technology is proven to reduce listening effort in noisy environments by 20%.

Bluetooth & Internet-Compatible NeuroTechnology™

Patients love the advanced Bluetooth and internet compatibility, including:

  • Hands-free wireless (surround sound) hearing on the phone
  • Low-battery reminders – your devices can remind you by ear, phone, text, or email that your batteries (or your spouse’s batteries) are low
  • Wireless compatibility with any TV to enhance the clarity of the signal
  • Control of your internet-connected devices at home, including the thermostat, lights, and even certain cooking appliances. Yes, your hearing device can automatically turn on your coffee maker each morning!

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