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Hearing loss can cause you to miss out on a lot, as you cannot understand or relate to the sounds around you. Hearing problems can also make you withdraw from taking part in social activities and even from holding conversations.

Statistics indicate that about 36 million Americans suffer from hearing loss, and despite the fact that 95% of them could better their lives by using hearing aids, only 23% use these aids. Research also indicates that hearing loss and conditions is spanning the generations: not only is hearing conditions prevalent among seniors but also in young adults.

If you are wondering if you could benefit from a hearing test, then here are some signs you should watch out for.

“Please repeat what you just said!”

If you find yourself requesting the above while holding conversations, then you should take this as a warning sign of a hearing problem. Also, if you always think the person speaking to you is mumbling, or you frequently hold what seem to be “muffled conversations,” these are further indications.

Complaints of loud TVs

If your spouse of family members are asking you to reduce the volume of your TV or radio because it’s just too loud, then you might be having a hearing condition.

Ringing in your ears

If you have a ringing sound in your ears, this could be a sign of a hearing condition known as tinnitus. If this ringing sound starts after you have been exposed to loud noises, then this could be a warning sign of a hearing condition, and you should get checked.

Difficulty hearing in the presence of loud background noises

One of the warning signs of a hearing condition is difficulty hearing when there are other loud background noises. If you cannot hold a conversation at a restaurant, an airport, or in the streets because you cannot hear in these areas you should get your ears tested.

So get back to enjoying activities, get in the pool, travel, and have conversations at the barbecue. You should not have to miss out on fun times in the summer because of a hearing condition. Make getting hearing treatment a priority and enjoy all the sweet sounds summer has to offer.

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