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Subject Eligibility includes:

  • Individuals over 18 years of age

  • Must have difficulty hearing in background noise

  • Must be less than 100% satisfied with current hearing aids

  • Prior hearing aid use is NOT Required

Dr. Darrow, Harvard Medical and M.I.T. trained Scientist and Audiologist is enrolling subjects in a new study to evaluate digital technology designed to increase the ability to hear speech in background noise!

SPACE IS LIMITED! Call 508-502-7851

We need your help to evaluate the features in this exciting new technology designed to reduce background noise and enhance clarity of the conversation!


Groundbreaking BrainHearing technology is fast and precise enough to analyze and follow the dynamics of the entire auditory environment, and differentiate between speech and background noise.

By separating speech from background noise by as much as 9 decibels, you can access multiple speakers simultaneously and follow the conversation with ease

Old Technology

In Complex listening situations, traditional hearing aids focus on 1 sound at a time, leaving the user with a narrowed, artificial listening experience.

Sign Up for the Study

Dr. Darrow is a world-renowned Auditory Scientist trained at both M.I.T. and Harvard Medical School. His current research project is seeking subjects across the country to evaluate technology that can improve the lives of patients with hearing impairment by increasing cognitive function, enhancing memory recall and increase the clarity of speech in background noise. These improvements in technology can truly help improve the quality of lives of individuals suffering from the effects of hearing loss and related cognitive decline issues.

Participants will receive a FREE Hearing Screening, a 30-day at home trial with new digital technology and asked to complete a short pre- and post-survey on their experience.

Study Location:

102 Shore Drive, Suite 400. Worcester
(In the St. Vincents Medical Center)

Call 508-502-7851

As a Thank You for subjects who volunteer in the study, participants are eligible to purchase their trial technology at a Significant discount!